Hardware Repairs

Apple has a great hardware warranty. If you purchase AppleCare when you get a new computer, Apple will foot the bill for repairing any hardware failure within the first 3 years. What they WON’T do however, is back up or restore your applications, data, photos, contacts, emails, etc. We can help you make sure your data is protected when your computer is ill and needs to go in for repair.

We can help with out-of-warranty repairs, too. We have worked on almost every Apple computer that has ever been (except the Apple 1, and the Apple Lisa – you probably haven’t even heard of those unless you are a geeks like us.) Many issues can be fixed with standard computer components. We can do hard drive replacements/upgrades, install new batteries for laptops, upgrade RAM, fix broken keys, and much more.

We also have partnerships with companies that specialize in out-of-warranty Mac repairs, without the big Apple repair prices. If your computer needs hardware repair that is beyond our ability to source parts for, we will arrange for repair for you, or put you in touch with a company that can help.