Data Protection

Yes, we know. Data is boring. Nobody wants to have to worry about losing their files, but the current reality is that hard drives don’t last forever, and having to recover your data from a failed or damaged drive is both expensive and stressful. Ask me about the laptop I fell down the stairs with sometime.

We can help. For small companies and individual users, there are inexpensive solutions available to protect your computer from data loss. We can help you set up automatic transparent backup solutions that are user friendly, and make it easy to recover from a hardware failure. These solutions also can protect you from the most common data issue: “I think I deleted a file last week/month, and now I need it back!” Most of the time these backup solutions can even save you from that.

For larger clients, we design systems that assure that a drive failure will never leave you without your data. We design and build Mac OS servers with multiple layers of data protection and redundancy, including various RAID storage solutions, backup systems that provide offsite storage in case of fire or natural disaster, and offsite cloud based storage. When (not if) a drive fails, you just keep right on working.