Design, Publishing, & Printing

The Mac has made huge changes to the design and publishing industries since the 1980’s. Nobody pastes up pages anymore. The large format cameras are gone. High resolution film and imagesetters are being replaced with direct-to-plate. Postscript has been replaced by PDF.

As a graphic designer, you just want your Mac to work. Your creative energy needs to be spent creating work for your client, rather than being a font expert, system software expert, print driver expert, virus expert, or network engineer. You just want your mac to work. We get it. Let us do the computer stuff. Then you can focus on what is important – the design.

We have been around for the evolution of the industry to the current state of electronic publishing. We understand the challenges you face, including color management, fonts, PDF production issues, RIPs, imagesetters and platesetters, ink limits, imposition, data-driven page creation, newspaper editorial, production, and advertising issues, and and much more.

Give us a call, and we can partner with you to solve your challenges together. We are computer guys, but we know our way around a press room, too.